Flower bed condominium entrance with fully grown annuals

Summer Services / Landscape Maintenance

As with any successful company, the heart is our employees. We employ licensed, professional technicians to complete your landscape maintenance tasks. Our crews are setup by the various tasks required to keep your property projecting a clean manicured appearance. You will not see lawn maintenance technicians also pulling weeds or fertilizing turf. Each technician has been trained for the specific duties they perform.

Grass Cutting

Weekly cutting of lawn areas, trimming around all structures, fence lines, and objects in lawn area. Biweekly edging of walkways and approaches.

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Bush / Shrub Trimming

Our landscape technicians will carfully trim any new growth to keep your shrubs looking perfect and not overgrown.


A balanced program of timed-release fertilizers and weed control herbicides to ensure lush, healthy turf throughout the season. We use granular fertilizers for all applications except broadleaf weed control. Granular mixes are also utilized for grub control.

Bed Care / Weeding

Nothing ruins a landscape like having weeds. Weekly or bi-weekly schedualing of our bed care techicians will pull and spray weeds to keep your landscape looking perfect.

Tree Trimming / Planting & Removal

Trees are supposed to look like trees. When they are allowed to grow out of control, they typically take the appearance of large shrubs. We also can clear and remove fallen or dead trees, as well as planting install new trees.


Installing new mulch is the most cost effective way to freshen up your landscape. Whether every season or every other season, mulching is a great way to make yor landscape come alive.

Lawn Sprinklers / Irrigation

Irrigation system design and installation. Repairing of damaged underground sprinkler lines, heads and valve mechanisms. Spring startups and fall winterizations will keep your system running as efficiently as possible.

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Landscape Lighting

Beautify you home with path and accent lighting to show off the landscape and architectural features of your house into the night. Landscape lighting not only provides a beautiful look after dark but also aids with security as well safety around your property. We can design and install a variety of fixtures tailored to your particular home and lifestyle.

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