Spray truck by salt bins

Winter Services

Accessibility and safety are key factors at your property, especially when winter weather hits. 24-7, 365 days a year we are available to keep your property free of ice and snow to maintain the safest environment possible.

Snow Plowing

We have a fleet of late model snow plowing equipment to handle small commercial buildings to large industrial plants and condominium/apartment communities.

Deicing / Salting Service

Starting in 2008 with rising salt prices, we pioneered using liquid sodium chloride instead of conventional rock salt. Each batch of liquid sodium chloride is manufactured in our facility to precise specifications which leaves no residual un-dissolved rock salt on your property. In addition, chemical burn to landscape is eliminated by providing a more uniform and environmentally friendly application.

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Snow Removal

In the event of excessive accumulations of snow or if parking lot space is at a premium, we have the capabilities to move snow from the parking areas to a designated area on site or truck it away for off-site disposal.

Sidewalk Clearing

Our sidewalk crews utilize Honda ATV’s with 4’ snowplows to clear long stretches of sidewalks, while hand shoveling porches, steps, and walkways to keep your residents and/or employees safe at your site.